iC360 Suite Award-Winning Analytics
from Tollring

See, Understand and Control your Entire Telecoms Services, Infrastructure and Costs in One Cloud System

iC360 Suite is a revolutionary analytics platform that delivers business intelligence via intuitive dashboards and reports, based on granular, enterprise-wide telecoms usage and expenditure.

What Does iC360 Offer?

  • Consolidated, centralised and convenient access to all telecoms data
  • Standardised and compatible data
  • One cost recharging and billing tool
  • One inventory
  • One register of assets, devices and users
  • One business intelligence system for reporting and analysing data
  • A friendly interface of dashboards and live tiles to help you connect with your data

To See, Understand and Control:

  • Expenditure across suppliers, billing errors and over-charges
  • Users and their usage
  • Inbound and outbound calls, missed and unresolved calls
  • Behaviour, misuse, anomalies, policy breaches
  • Workflows, processes

Why Choose iC360 from Tollring?

iC360 is quick to deploy, easy to use (yet sophisticated), flexible and scalable.  It is a self-serve web portal delivered as a service (SaaS):

Robust System Availability and Secure Access
  • 24 x 7 x 365 system availability
  • Built in resilience, robust back-up and low risk of system outage
  • Secure company-wide access from any internet enabled PC (RAID compliant, SSL protected web part)
Managed Accurate Data Upload
  • Reformatted carrier data
  • Quality checking
Minimual Disruption to the Business
  • No IT capital investment required (IT costs minimised) and zero impact on IT resources
  • No hardware or software to deploy or maintain
  • Integration with your finance, CRM and HR systems
Users are Empowered to Make Data-Driven Solutions
  • A standard and common interface
  • Gain control of users, costs and suppliers
  • Automated processes to improve workflows
One-off Monthly Fee
  • Manageable and predictable monthly fee (+ one-off set up)
Visual Dashboards, Reports and Alerts
  • Dashboards, charts and tables
  • Unlimited and easy to filter reports
  • Custom export formats
  • On-demand and scheduled reporting

How is iC360 Unique?

  • Accessible to all staff including Line Managers & end users
  • Personal call management for cost recovery
  • Comprehensive inventory and asset management
  • Re-rates minute and text costs – reinstatement of actual costs
  • Dashboards for every user
  • Enhanced access & reporting for every user
  • Multiple reporting outputs – CSV, HTML, Excel, PDF
  • All reports can be tailored and scheduled to run automatically
  • Unprecedented levels of control, reporting and analysis

iC360 provides one single view of your business operations:

  • Keep track of assets, resources and usage
  • Real-time and historical analytics via dashboards and reports
  • Manage costs and identify savings
  • Manage multiple vendors in one portal to get the most from every contract

How iC360 Works

Gather any data in any format, standardise and validate it, house it in a robust central inventory and turn it into meaningful insight

  1. iC360 gathers raw data from billing or activity sources.
  2. Complex data is formatted and validated.
  3. Data is made available for interrogation and analysis in a central inventory.
  4. Setup and configuration takes days, not weeks. After setup, data gathering
  5. You tell us what insight you require, such as intelligence you can act on to reduce costs or make sure things are operating as intended.
  6. You choose how and when you want your insight delivered, for example a live feed highlighting anomalies, a dashboard showing daily information and monthly board-ready reports.

If you need to, you can easily export data from your inventory in common formats like CSV. Batch file outputs can be tailored and pre-mapped to templates like SAP posting extract files, SharePoint imports, General Ledger, payroll and HR. If you need to move data more frequently we can work with your APIs to automate data exchanges.


iC360 is delivered as service (SaaS) so you pay as you use.  Quotations are based on your requirements, so you only pay for the elements of the solution that your business needs and no up front investment is required.

To maintain iC360 as an award-winning business analytics solution, Tollring invests in continuous improvement and the most up-to-date versions are always available to you as part of our managed service.

We set up and configure iC360 in our secure hosting environment. You can either leave iC360 with us, or we can migrate it for you – perhaps to your own hardware on your own network, or another data partner to match your data governance policies.

iC360 is securely hosted in a high grade UK based data centre. The benefits of this approach are:

  • No IT capital investment required – IT costs minimised
  • 24 x 7 x 365 system availability
  • Robust back-up and low risk of system outage
  • Highly scalable solution – can grow or contract instantly
  • Faster implementation – and rapid payback
  • ‘Wisdom of the crowd’ – new features & functions instantly available to all
  • Built in resilience – data securely hosted for Disaster Recovery
  • Securely accessible from any internet enable PC
  • Zero impact on IT resources
  • No hardware or software to deploy or maintain
  • Password protected, SSL security and encrypted system access