Award-Winning iC360 Suite
in Partnership with Cognia

iC suite is a unique solution for managing all telecoms assets, services and costs in one place. Control and manage multiple telecoms contracts, tariffs, usage, bills, data formats and devices.

Managing multiple bills for multiple devices in multiple formats is a common and growing challenge.  Most companies would choose to consolidate telecoms vendors down to just 1 or 2, however this is not always possible.

An average UK company has in excess of 4 or 5 mobile telecoms-related providers alone.  These might include:

  • Multiple mobile carriers
  • GSM gateway providers for outbound calls
  • Device management application providers
  • Remote access provider
  • Secure authentication provider
  • Lone worker protection
  • Vehicle tracking providers
  • Mobile call recording providers
  • Mobile conferencing providers

For each of these suppliers are individual contract terms, tariffs, termination dates, invoices, bill runs, billing portals, data formats and devices/assets as well as processes and back end systems that need populating.  They also have their own customer support teams, inventories and cost centre structures.

The iC telecoms module of iC suite, manages all your telecoms services and assets at the click of a button.

The challenge
After managing usage, performance and spend, multiple inventories and employee data needs to be maintained separately across multiple sites.
Although raw data is readily available, it is often in a format that is not easy to see and managed using spread sheets and manual processes. The challenge repeats itself for fixed telecoms services, vehicle fleets, fuel cards and energy providers.

iC telecoms gathers complex and ‘unmanageable’ billing data from multiple sources.  The data is standardised/validated then exported to systems, dashboards and reports.

Management and analysis made easy by award-winning iC suite
iC telecoms makes it easy to find out:

  • Which services are assigned to whom?
  • Which assets are assigned to whom?
  • Which services and assets relate to which site / building / room / cost centre?

Download further details
To read further information on iC360 suite, please download our 2 page pdf overview.

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