iC360 Award-Winning Data

Best-of-Breed Business Analytics for Competitive Differentiation

For Enterprises

Business analytics software: Access multi-site telecoms data via a web portal.

  • Telecoms services, assets, infrastructure and
    costs at a glance
  • Manage telecoms expenditure
  • Access user-friendly dashboards via the web

For Service Providers

Manage your growing portfolio of telecoms and Cloud services in one portal.

  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Streamline multi-tenant billing
  • Improve profit margins
  • Access user-friendly dashboards via the web

For Your Portfolio

Add award-winning business analytics software to your product portfolio.

  • Dynamic and innovative solution to gain insight
    from telecoms data
  • White label option
  • Established and proven products

iC360 business analytics software from Tollring offers an easy to use suite of tools offering unparalleled flexibility and speed in reporting.

  • Collect and combine data from multiple carriers, locations and platforms
  • View all of your telecoms and cloud costs across your entire business in a single web portal, accessible from any browser
  • Share dashboards/ reports with the right people/ applications at the right time
  • Perform daily/ weekly/ monthly tasks quickly, easily and accurately, and collaborate with colleagues for better decision making

Understand the True Cost of OperationsUse iC360 telecoms analytics software to manage and drive down telecoms expenditure in your organisation.

Even though the unit cost of calls is reducing, telecoms adoption is on the increase, leading to the expansion of the entire telecoms estate and usage overall.

This transformation in business communications is causing CIOs to lose visibility and control of resource usage and expenditure across their enterprise. This creates a requirement for new cost and performance management tools to support business change.  iC360 telecoms analytics software delivers a powerful set of business analytics tools via the cloud which are proven to deliver savings.  Typical savings from customers are detailed below: 

Save 20%

on tariff optimisation, billing errors, overcharging, zero use lines and on hardware / device lifecycle management

Save 15%

on policy management and save 10% on staff awareness of reporting & tracking tools

Save 15%

on personal call management (cost recovery)